of order in special purposes port ANCHORAGE ILOVIK – SV PETAR

Pursuant to Article 84 of the Maritime Domain and Sea Ports Act (Official Gazette, hereinafter Narodne novine – NN 158/03, 100/04, 141/06, 38/09, 123/11), Regulation of the requirements that seaports must meet (NN 110/04), Ordinance on terms and methods of maintaining order in ports and other parts of inland sea waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia (90/05, 10/08, 155/08, 127/10, 80/12, 56/2013), Management of the Company LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd. V. Cara Emina 3, 51410 Opatija, OIB/VAT 69441170749, on July 8th 2016. has issued

of order in special purposes port ANCHORAGE ILOVIK – SV PETAR

Article 1

This Ordinance prescribes the rules in the special purpose port of county importance – Anchorage Ilovik – Sv. Petar (hereinafter Anchorage Ilovik), and particularly the way of traffic, admittance and mooring to a buoy of vessels and providing other services.
Order at the Anchorage Ilovik is held by concessionaire – Management of the Company LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd. based on the Contract of a concession on a maritime domain for the construction and commercial use of special purpose port, Anchorage Ilovik, Island Ilovik, concluded at Mali Losinj on September 24th, 2015. CLASS: 021-04 / 15-01 / 8, FILE NO: 2170 / 01.01.01 / 5-15-25 and the Concession Contract No. 003/07/2016.
Harbourmaster supervises the safety of navigation and the order implementation on the specified anchorage.

Article 2

Crew leaders and the crew members of the vessel located in the concession area are required to comply with all regulations of the Republic of Croatia and internationally established and accepted rules of behavior at sea, which are not covered by this Ordinance.
In the case of danger to the crew on the other vessels (and for the same vessels) are obliged to assist selflessly in rescue operations at sea following International law standards and practices. At the same time, they are obliged to immediately inform the competent authorities about the same danger (Maritime Police, Port Office) and possibly employees of Liburnia Ltd. responsible for anchorage.

Article 3

Special purpose harbor – Anchorage Ilovik, Island Ilovik, City of Mali Lošinj on which this Ordinance refers, occupies a total of 39 849 m2 of sea surface, and as defined in Article 3 of the Concession Contract on Maritime Domain No. 003/07/2016. of June 1st, 2016. This Ordinance applies to the previously stated Anchorage in a way that the same is set of 60 buoys for mooring.

Article 4

Anchorage Ilovik described in Article 3 of this Ordinance, based on the Concession Contract uses four mooring areas for accommodation of the vessels:
Area 1 = 12 869 m2; ensures reception of 21 vessels up to a maximum length of 15-18 m.
Area 2 = 2 784 m2; ensures reception of 4 vessels up to a maximum length of 15-18 m.
Area 3 = 14 722 m2; ensures reception of 20 vessels up to a maximum length of 15-18 m.
Area 4 = 9,474 m2; ensures reception of 15 vessels up to a maximum length of 15-18 m.

Article 5

Vessels sailing into the channel between the islands of Ilovik and Sv. Petar to access the anchorage, are obliged to abide the Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, as well as are not allowed to sail at a speed of more than three (3) knots during the departure.

Article 6

The vessels should sail on the right side of the channel waterway.
Departing vessels have the advantage in sailing through Anchorage Ilovik related to vessels that access the anchorage.
Vessels using the north-western entrance to the Channel sail on a maximum authorized speed of three (3) knots until they reach the position overside of the designated or selected anchoring site, and then divert to the left in a timely manner and as quickly as possible, without taking away the sailing priority to vessels from the opposite direction.

Article 7

A person operating a vessel during sea navigation, docking, berthing, unberthing and anchoring, shall act so that these actions do not endanger human life, do not contaminate the sea and not harm his vessel, as well as other naval facilities in the port by collision, impact or stranding.
The person that commands the vessel is responsible for the vessel’s safety while at anchorage and is required to follow instructions of the concessionaire and the Port Authority of competence.
The owner, captain or the skipper are obliged to take a care of the vessel which is tied in the harbor. The same are responsible for any damage that vessel commits to other vessels, seashore, equipment, devices, and installations.

Article 8

Vessel located in the anchorage must be tied up with appropriate and correct bindings on binding devices.
In a case of an incoming thunderstorm that may endanger the safety, vessels shall strengthen their moorings, or increase the number of anchors, and on the orders of the concessionaire leave the port or take shelter in the lee.
In a case of stormy weather, the crew of anchored vessels shall stay on board during the thunderstorm, suitably equipped and secured from falling into the sea, including all the security measures that must be taken on the vessel. They must be ready for sailing out in the case of danger.

Article 9

Vessels bonded on the Anchorage Ilovik must possess the equipment statutory to the demands of the country of registration (i.e. the flag) and at least in accordance with the registration requirements of the Croatian Register of Shipping. Vessels must be insured by the Compulsory Insurance Contract and ready for safe navigation at any time.
If the vessel is not suitable for safe navigation for the particular circumstances, it shall be reported immediately to the employee of LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd., which will upon notification act accordingly with his legal and contracting authorities, always keeping in mind the safety of the crew, vessel, and third parties.

Article 10

LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd. determines the vessel location for mooring.
Vessels at the Anchorage Ilovik are bound to the way determined by the authorized employee of LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd.
Exceptionally, vessels can be bound optionally with the permission of an authorized employee or during his longer absence.
Binding vessel to a float at the anchorage should be performed safely, with proper strands of suitable dimensions, if not used strands from a float.
When sailing in and mooring the vessel to a float, the vessel must have fastened fenders which can be removed only after the safe departure from the Anchorage Ilovik.
Mooring ropes must not disturb the navigation of other vessels.
The maximum permissible length of the vessel for the mooring is 18 meters.

Article 111

It is prohibited to perform actions in the port area that may:
1. endanger human lives;
2. cause a fire;
3. pollute the sea;
4. cause damage to other vessels and boats, port authorities, installations and facilities.

At Anchorage Ilovik is particularly prohibited to:
– Use marine toilet that does not have fecal tank/reservoir
– Empty the fecal tank/reservoir at anchorage and in the channel
– Light a fire unless the vessel does not have a safety grill
– Throw a garbage outside of landfill
– Cruise at speed higher than 3 knots
– Disturb the peace of other guests
– Make a noise from 22.00 to 8.00 hours
– Interfere with the movement of vessels on the fairway
– Keep the engine running and have plugged in the appliances powered by gas or electricity in absence of the crew
– Post the signs/adverts or commercials and other messages
– Keep the propellers of the vessel running, except for sailing in and out and if threatened danger to persons and property
– Move the vessel to another berth without the permission of the employees of LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd.
– Obstruct access to mooring devices
– Swim, dive, windsurf, etc.
– Perform the vessel’s repair and reconstruction of skin, decks, equipment and engine
– In any way endanger the safety of navigation, human life, and the environment
– Catch fish and other sea creatures
– Anchor between the anchoring devices or any other places not appointed by authorized concessionaire, for safety reasons.

Article 12

Waste oil, petrol, detergent residue, garbage and other waste must be disposed of at set and marked containers on the land, or must be given with surcharge to employees of Liburnia Maritime Agency Ltd., according to the ratified Plan for receiving and handling waste from vessels at Anchorage Ilovik.
While staying at the anchorage is forbidden to throw and lower in the sea all solid and liquid waste, oily waters, bodily waste and all other substances that pollute the environment.

Article 13

LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd. determines the amount and method of payment for the use of bonds and other services at Anchorage Ilovik. The price list is publicly announced and applies to all users of the mooring without distinction.
All users of the mooring and other services are required to pay a fee for the services according to the price list.
The concessionaire’s authorized employee is obliged to give a receipt for dues paid to a person commanding a vessel.

Article 14

This Ordinance shall take effect within 8 days from the approval of the Port Authority of Rijeka.
This Ordinance shall be published on the bulletin board of LIBURNIA MARITIME AGENCY Ltd.

Danko Crnčević, Managing Director